(AM/PM) Purifying Oil

(AM/PM) Purifying Oil


This provides antioxidant protection and light hydration for all skin types during the day (for acne and oily skin, use it in the evening too!) because it:

  • Absorbs quickly - leaves skin with a clean, velvet, matte finish

  • Loaded with antioxidants

  • Treats congestion without over-drying skin

For all skin types in the morning! Oily, acne-prone, and/or blemished skin use in the evening too.
30mL     pH6.5     *use within 3 months of opening!

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Ingredient Highlights:

Bai Xian Pi / Dicatamni Cortex / Cortex of Chinese Dittany Root:  has been used topically for thousands of years in East Asian Medicine to ‘treat oozing red skin sores with pus’ Antibacterial. Antineoplastic, meaning it prevents the formation of tumors.

Camellia sinensis / Green Tea extract:  antioxidant.

Salix alba / white willow bark:  contains salicin. Salicin purifies the skin AND reduces inflammation without irritating the skin. *** Salicylic acid is used topically to treat acne (but often overdries the skin-- then the breakout cycle never ends.  When the skin is too dry, it produces more oil. Also, when there’s a layer of dry skin, the acne just gets irritated and/or gets trapped underneath the dry skin, as if there’s a brick wall there.

Gan Cao / Glycyrrhizae Radix / Licorice Root:  natural skin lightener and antioxidant. Antioxidants combat free radicals.  Free radicals lead to ‘aging skin’.

Night-time or daytime ritual: Step 3

  • An oil for the oily - unlike any acne treatment you’ve used before, this clarifying oil absorbs quickly and leaves skin with a clean, matte finish.

  • Stops the vicious cycle of over-drying oily skin with harsh products.

  • Organic willow bark (the plant that salicylic acid is derived from) treats blemishes.

  • Nourishes and calms irritated skin, while preventing future breakouts.

How to use: May be used alone, or under a moisturizer. Apply after misting with Mee Ra Hydrating Emulsion Spray, day and/or night.

  • For all-over treatment of heavily stressed skin: Massage 7-9 drops into your face, neck, and décolletage  

  • For all-over treatment of moderately stressed skin: mix 3 drops with your facial masque or moisturizer

  • For spot treatment:  apply directly to problem areas

How it works: Acne occurs when the hormones of the body are overstimulated, producing excess oil that combines with bacteria and dead skin cells in your pores to form blemishes.

  • If the skin is too dry — for example due to using overly harsh or toxic products — the skin will naturally produce more oil.

  • By gently hydrating and re-balancing the skin with proprietary East Asian herbs and willowbark, Mee Ra Purifying Oil stops this vicious cycle.

Ingredients:  Grapeseed oil infused with a proprietary blend of East Asian Herbs, white willow bark (salix alba)* and tea flower (camellia sinensis)*; rosemary antioxidant*, bergamot essential oil (bergaptene free)*.