3. Purifying Oil $72

3. Purifying Oil $72


An oil for the oily! Unlike any acne treatment you’ve used before, this clarifying oil treats acne at the source and absorbs quickly, leaving skin with a clean, matte finish.

This is also great for all skin types that want a balancing, antioxidant rich, light moisturizer.

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Why You Want It

For oily, dehydrated, acne-prone, and/or blemished skin
30mL     pH6.5     *use within 3 months of opening!

Night-time or daytime ritual: Step 3

  • An oil for the oily - unlike any acne treatment you’ve used before, this clarifying oil absorbs quickly and leaves skin with a clean, matte finish.
  • Stops the vicious cycle of over-drying oily skin with harsh products.
  • Organic willow bark (the plant that salicylic acid is derived from) treats blemishes.
  • Nourishes and calms irritated skin, while preventing future breakouts.

How To Use:

May be used alone, or under a moisturizer. Apply after misting with Mee Ra Hydrating Emulsion Spray, day and/or night.

  • For all-over treatment of heavily stressed skin: Massage 7-9 drops into your face, neck, and décolletage  
  • For all-over treatment of moderately stressed skin: mix 3 drops with your facial masque or moisturizer
  • For spot treatment:  apply directly to problem areas

How It Works

  • Acne occurs when the hormones of the body are overstimulated, producing excess oil that combines with bacteria and dead skin cells in your pores to form blemishes.
  • If the skin is too dry — for example due to using overly harsh or toxic products — the skin will naturally produce more oil.
  • By gently hydrating and re-balancing the skin with proprietary East Asian herbs and willowbark, Mee Ra Purifying Oil stops this vicious cycle.

What's In It?

Ingredients:  Grapeseed oil infused with a proprietary blend of East Asian Herbs, white willow bark (salix alba)* and tea flower (camellia sinensis)*; rosemary antioxidant*, bergamot essential oil (bergaptene free)*.