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All treatments are 90 minutes and COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED to your wants and needs! A combination of acupuncture, facial massage, gua sha, cupping, jade rolling, plants and/or herbs are used to help guide your skin, face, and body to your highest potential!


Facial Acupuncture

In every Facial Acupuncture Treatment Anna gives, she includes body points to stimulate deep relaxation and detoxification-- but hones in on the face to promote skin health, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and lift and sculpt the face.

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Herbal Medicine 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practiced for thousands of years, but today it is dovetailing with Western pharmacology and healthcare. Anna's herbal medicine practice reflects this, working in complement with other forms of therapy to create tailored treatment plans for meeting your health needs.



Cupping therapy may be trendy in spas and wellness centers today, but it has been practiced for centuries by Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Egyptian practitioners. When performed by an experienced therapist, it can provide pain relief, remove toxins and inflammation, and boost immunity and digestion.



Moxibustion (灸) is an ancient practice of heat therapy that is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat cold or stagnant constitutions. By burning a dried herb (called Ai Ye) near the skin at therapeutic meridian points, moxibustion warms and stimulates Qi and blood flow. It dispels a number of pathogenic influences, and may reduce the symptoms of menstrual cramps. 


Food Therapy

The food we consume has a dramatic impact on all aspects of our health, from our physical and emotional well-being to our energy and metabolism. Anna's holistic approach to healthcare reflects this. She will work with you to design a nutritious food plan to achieve your health goals, and nourish you inside and out.